for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

Personal Development Workshops

     We offer various workshops in the area of mindful personal development. Contact us to talk about your needs and wishes. We will then create a customised event specifically matching your situation.

Conferences, events and whole day meetings

Do you want to give your audience something extra?


We can help making your event special by:

  • being an inspirational speaker during your event
  • conducting a short workshop to make your conference more unique and rewarding
  • doing a powerful break during whole day meeting to give your audience a kick of fresh energy and focus

Examples of events for you

  • Mindful team building - communication and team spirit!
  • Dealing with stress through mindfulness - deep relaxation!
  • Creative workshop - joyful co-creation!
  • Better communication - first understand, then try to be understood!

Short previews of engaging workshops

Know Yourself workshop, Feb 2015, Denmark

Special Offers

Rebirthing Promotion

April - June 2022

Rebirthing session of 2-3 hours for 80€

Normal price from July 2022: 100€/session


Book your appointment at

+34 604 129 013

or read more here

Massage Offer for Couples

A beautiful gift of deep relaxation for you and your partner to cherish your relationship:

2 massages of 1h 25min for 130€ (instead of 140€)

2 massages of 55min for 90€  (instead of 100€)


Book your appointment at

+34 604 129 013

or read more here

Do you want your employees to perform and feel better?

Contact us for a free consultation:
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