for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

At Inter-Action event, Vejle, Denmark

Know yourself workshop - 26 February 2015

With 46 curious and open-minded people

Know yourself – improve your professional and personal development with Zen Coaching 

The talented Zen coach and mindfulness instructor Ela Kolodziej will show us how to calm down the mind, connect with ourselves and find peace in our personal and professional life. We will go deep in ourselves and explore our key goals – what we truly want and long for.


Zen coaching is about listening to and following our heart, connecting to our inner wisdom and finding our own answers. Deep inside we know what is best for us, but it is easy to be sidetracked and confused by our day-to-day life and external pressures. Together with Ela Kolodziej we will explore ways to connect better with ourselves, and make choices that are more supportive to our personal development and a balanced fulfilling life.

Common agreement about the intention for this workshop
Learning CAN be fun :)
Deep listening exercise
Exercise in pairs
Little laughter always good :)

Special Offers

Massage Offer for Couples

A beautiful gift of deep relaxation for you and your partner to cherish your relationship:

2 massages of 1h 25min for 130€ - done one after another

2 massages of 55min for 90€  - - done one after another


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