for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

Clients testimonials

Deep insights and a wow moment!

    I am so grateful for my coaching experiences with Ela. She is present, clear and focused and our sessions gave me deep insights and removal of deep emotional blockages. Ela inspires me with her commitment and power as well as her sweetness and care. She challenged me to grow out of my comfort zone and really stand in my inner strength. A wow moment! With Ela as your coach, there is really no limit to how far you can go. Another thing I deeply appreciate with Ela is her roots in both business and spirituality. I’d recommend Ela to anyone looking for a coach!


Sofie K. after 2 Zen Coaching sessions

Deeply enriching inner journey

     Zen Coaching with Ela was a wonderful and amazing journey into who I really am. I cannot emphasize enough how much I have gained through these sessions, and the change I have experienced. Ela has a true passion for coaching, her energy and talent make the whole process very exciting and empowering. It is not about 'fixing' you, on the contrary - you are ok just the way you are.

     With Ela's support the sessions helped me gain a good overview of all areas of my life, understand what's the most important for me at this point, and then consciously go deeper into the areas that seemed the toughest. I was amazed to discover that all the answers were in me. I just needed the right guidance and wisdom, which Ela effectively provided.

Ewa S. after package of 10 Zen Coaching sessions

Increased acceptance of myself

     Having lived for many years I was in fact fighting with myself, not having the self-acceptance. It was thanks to the Zen Coaching sessions with Ela I have realised that this fight was causing loss of energy so necessary to live and at the same time distracting me from the main problem. Now I see it all and have more acceptance and empathy towards myself. I can focus on solving the right problems, therefore not wasting my energy on things of a small caliber. All of this would have not happened if I had not met you Ela.
      I am very grateful to you and I wish you good luck. Continue to support people in understanding their true nature.

Marzena W. after package of 5 Zen Coaching sessions

Insightful and productive coaching

     After my personal coaching with Ela, I have come to ease with my thoughts and learned to control them and make my business and life in general to prosper.


Walter Nilsson after short coaching session

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Massage Offer for Couples

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An Evening of Pure Pleasure

A deeply relaxing massage of 1h 25min for both of you, and a healthy smoothie or warm infusion with a sunset view at our Inner Growth Center, in natural park of Montes de Malaga: 150€

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