for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

New Cranial System (NCS)

What is it?

New Cranial System (NCS) is  a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment technique that helps to bring back the natural balance of our system and our life vital energy, as well as supports our healing of physical, emotional and mental problems.


It is born from points inspired by different traditions and microsystems (acupuncture, meridians, Chineese medicine), plus points discovered by the creator of this technique (Francisco Lucena Paniagua), worked on and developed through his more than 25 years of experience treating patients from the different microsystems of modern acupuncture.


It is based on an abdominal and/or cranial diagnosis to locate possible blockages ("short circuits" of our nervous system), which we have been accumulating in our system since we were conceived, and that caused us some kind of imbalance on a physical, emotional, and/or mental level.
Once the blockages are detected, we treat the appropriate points to correct them, using chromotherapy pen and/or laser. Also the use of Bach Flowers corresponding to their Natal Pattern may be recommended to the client after the treatment.

How does it work?

Everything that ever happened in our life from the intrauterine period, infancy, early childhood, adolescense and until now has been stored in our system and has had an impact on us and can still have. There are attitudes, ideas about life and habits that makes us who we are today, but also old patterns, conditioning and limiting beliefs that don't serve us anymore. 


Whenever we went through some challenging experience, that was just too much for us to take and process, it created, to put it symbolically "a short circuit" in our nervous system - the energy and information there is getting blocked partly or totally, causing various types of problems:

- to start with, on emotional or mental level, be it stress, anxiety, a feeling of "being stuck" and not being able to overcome it, low self-esteem, addictions, self-sabotage, difficulty in learning, lack of flow, or general dissatisfaction, etc.

- to manifest later on as various physical health issues: headaches, bodily pains and tensions, getting sick regularly, low immune system, etc.


The New Cranial System helps to locate those short circuits and treat them with chromotherapy pen and/or laser, without a need of re-living the experience (as anyway often we don't even remember it, like e.g. many early childhood experiences).





It is a simple and non-invasive way to support yourself in your recovery process and in improving your wellbeing.

Benefits - what can it help me with? 

  • Physical Tension or Pain
  • Mental Turmoil or Imbalance
  • Light states of Depression 
  • Past Traumas and Overcoming our Fears, without the need of talking about it or re-living it. (Personally it helped me overcome my fear of driving.)
  • Personal Development and Increase in Awareness
  • Dealing with Addictions


NCS helps us with Physical Tensions and Pain, it balances our Nervous System, making us feel better - more Inner Peace, Clarity and Life Satisfaction.


For people with addiction problem, it can also create distance between them and their addiction, allowing them to make new choices.




There are no major contraindications, however I personally am not an expert in working with people suffering from major mental illness (schizophrenia, severe depression, etc.), so for their best I suggest contacting a specialist in that.

NCS Sessions and Suggested Cycle

Since every person is different and have different life baggage and life/health circumstances there is no 100% set protocol that fits them all in NCS. Here we treat individuals, and not the illnesses.


The general recommendation is to take between 3 to 5 regular sessions (e.g. once a week) to notice major improvement in how we feel, re-establishing the balance in our system and then integrating the feeling of wellbeing in our body, mind and soul.


For people interested in their health and personal development it is recommended to take "a maintenance" session once a month.

A typical session lasts between 55 - 75 min, where we work on:

general balancing of the system based on your Natal Chart, tensions in your belly area and your current issues

we treat physical and emotional scares to unblock the energy so that the information can flow better again and, as a result, you feeling better

- then we focus on concrete issues that bother you - be it physical,  emotional or mental.


Sometimes you may notice big results already after the first session (disminuation of the pain, or feeling lighter emotionally or physically), other times it may need various sessions for your system to re-adjust and for you to clearly notice a positive difference in how you feel in general and in your attitude towards life.

Prices & Cancellation Policy




50€ for a session (between 55-75min)




NCS sessions are done at our Inner Growth Center in Montes de Málaga (10 min by car from Málaga city) placed in nature; and with a beautiful view.


The pick-up/drop-off service is available from Ziklo Restaurant in Málaga city, for extra 10€ (both ways).


Cancellation Policy:

- up to 24 hours before the session it is free of charge 

- less than 24 hours before the session, the 50% of the price is charged for the last-minute changes

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Ela Kolodziej
Certified in the New Cranial System (NCS) and in Zen Coaching,

Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor, and Rebirther

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The pick-up/drop-off service is available from Ziklo Restaurant in Málaga city, for extra 10€ (both ways).


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Massage Offer for Couples

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2 massages of 55min for 90€,  done one after another

2 massages of 1h 25min for 130€, done one after another

An Evening of Pure Pleasure

A deeply relaxing massage of 1h 25min for both of you, and a healthy smoothie or warm infusion with a sunset view at our Inner Growth Center, in natural park of Montes de Malaga: 150€

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