for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

Mindfulness Program testimonials

     Below, you can read what the participants in our 8 weeks profound Mindfulness Program say about it, as well as some of the concrete results they have gained.

Concrete results

     Participants in our 8 weeks Mindfulness Program reported in average*:


  • 62% improvement in stress management


  • 57% improvement in concentration and focus


  • 52% increased productivity


  • 55% improvement in sleep quality


  • 65% improvement in overall mental comfort


  • 57% improvement in empathy/understanding other


  • 79% improvement in overal life quality



* Above figures are updated on regular bases - after every evaluation from participant that has completed our Mindfulness Program. 

Date for this update: 2016.07.05

Participants testimonials

"I'm much happier now, can sleep better and when I'm in a conflict I understand  better why" 




"I am more content.
 I understand myself better.
 I am more able to concentrate, focus and prioritize.

 I have changed the way I live and think already and I know this is just the beginning!​"




"Quality of sleep improved a lot!
 Awareness of stress symptoms improved from 0 to 95%.
 I am able to differentiate between the thought and the reality."




“I’m more aware of here and now.

 I fall asleep much more easy and I sleep without any special nightmares or  aggressions when waking up.

 I walk slowly and I don’t rush when not needed.

 My pain in lower abdomen is almost gone.” 




"I'm more aware of my thought processes and conscious about how they affect me.
 I've become more ok with my life as it is now.
 I am a lot better at handling stress and anxiety.
 Better sleep!

 A lot of great quotes and sentences to 'hang' the ideas on, which I found really helpful.
 I also appreciate that it felt like a truly safe and warm place. Thank You!"




“I am more aware of habits and have gotten tools to develop myself.

 And I actually feel better mentally.”




"I am more happy with life and myself"




“It has given me more feeling of forgiveness towards myself.

 Patience with people around me.”





“Jag tycker att jag har fått en större livsglädje efter kursen, jag njuter mer av livet och  är lugnare.

 Jag hanterar konflikter på ett annat vis nu, med medvetenhet om orsaken till  konflikten.

 Jag kan även fokusera mycket bättre både på jobb och hemma.

 Sover mycket bättre än tidigare.”




"Enklare att fokusera.

Känner mig mer närvarande i nuet"



Signing up for Mindfulness Program

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