for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life


 the Power of Conscious Breathing 


What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a simple yet powerful breathwork technique that helps in releasing emotional blockages and traumas deeply rooted in our subconscious. It also deals with our biggest limiting beliefs and gradually liberates us from them with the power of creative thinking.


A correct breathing is so important for our well-being, because around 70% of the waste and toxins are eliminated from our body through the breath.

The Rebirthing teaches us the practice of the conscious connected breathing to support the optimal detoxification, making us more joyful, relaxed and at peace; it is also pretty common to experience emotional catharsis and bliss.

The Benefits of Rebirthing

Rebirthing may help you, among others:

  • release physical, emotional, and psychological tension
  • alleviate the feelings such as fear, sadness, and anger
  • brings more acceptance, self-love, and empowerment
  • liberates detrimental past conditioning and behaviours
  • improves relations 

Rebirthing Sesion and a Complete Cycle


A typical Rebirthing session lasts about 2-3 hours – we start with client's current situation, follow-up on what has happened since the last session, and after an introduction to the Rebirthing, we do the actual Breathwork session where a deep healing is happening. Afterwards we have a short sharing about client's experience and realizations, plus a homework is being given.



You can take a single session to try it out, or go for the complete Rebirthing cycle of 10 sessions (corresponding to the 9 months of gestation and birth in warm water) to work on your major subconscious blockages and traumas, and create a life of more peace, joy and ease. 


During a complete cycle we can work with topics like: the most limiting belief we have, relationship with mother/father, an inner child, forgiveness, self-esteem, sexuality and tantric healing, relationship with money and time, masculine and feminine energy, health, personal leadership - taking responsibility for our lives.

Price, Promotion & Subscription

100 € for a session (typically around 2-3 hours)

900 € for a complete Rebirthing cycle of 10 sessions (payment in installments possible)


In the complete cycle of 10 sessions it is recommended to have them on bi-weekly bases, yet dependetly on individual situation of every client it may be done on weekly bases or every third week.

For the continuity of the healing process, the time between the sessions should not be longer than 2 months - in that case the Rebirther may suggest finishing the cycle earlier, explaining to the client possible interpretation of the situation (e.g. some deeply rooted resistance to finish things; not wanting to be reborn because of fear of deception - in case of having different gender that parents were hoping for; fear and memory of traumatic birth; subconscious desire not to be here, etc.).

Rebirthing is done at our Inner Growth Center in Montes de Málaga (10 min by car from Málaga city) placed in nature; and with a beautiful view.


The pick-up/drop-off service is available from Ziklo Restaurant in Málaga city, for extra 10€ (both ways).

Recommendation and Reviews

"I have had 3 rebirthing sessions with Ela so far and I am very surprised. I find it to be a very powerful technique. Since I do it I feel calmer and more sure of myself. She accompanies very well, she makes you feel very comfortable."

Fátima, Málaga-Madrid



"During my holidays in Spain I booked one rebirthing session at Inner Growth and was very positively surprised how much it helped me. Ela is a very gentle, calm and friendly mentor who guided me through the session with great knowledge so that I felt refreshed and at ease with myself. Even though I don’t know Ela for a very long time, I felt very safe exploring in depth. She adapted to my various emotional states and helped me well when I struggled initially. I would recommend rebirthing with Ela to everybody who is struggling emotionally and is feeling overwhelmed at times."

Katharina, Germany



"I had my first rebirthing session ever at Inner Growth. It was an amazing experience. Ela is super kind, has a nice energy and she makes you feel at ease. It is definitely worth trying."

Sjanneke, Holland

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Booking the Appointment

Below there are my contact details to schedule your first session.

I speak English, Spanish, Polish and Swedish.


Ela Kolodziej
Rebirther, Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor,

Certified in Zen Coaching & in New Cranial System (NCS)

Mobile:     (+34) 604 129 013



Inner Growth in Spain: 


  • MONTES DE MÁLAGA:       Mondays - Fridays:  10.00 - 20.00

Inner Growth, Personal Development and Well-Being Center

Montes de Málaga Natural Park

A-7000 Km 555,

Urbanización Los Montes

29 013 Málaga


10 min by car from Málaga city, link to Google Maps directions, 1 min drive from restaurant "Venta Los Montes". 


The pick-up/drop-off service is available from Ziklo Restaurant in Málaga city, for extra 10€ (both ways).


  • MÁLAGA:     Tuesdays:  10.00 - 20.00

Calle Periodista Juanito Cortés, 16 


Special Offers

Massage Offer for Couples

A beautiful gift of deep relaxation for you and your partner to cherish your relationship:

2 massages of 55min for 90€,  done one after another

2 massages of 1h 25min for 130€, done one after another

An Evening of Pure Pleasure

A deeply relaxing massage of 1h 25min for both of you, and a healthy smoothie or warm infusion with a sunset view at our Inner Growth Center, in natural park of Montes de Malaga: 150€

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