From Inner Growth to business growth!

At Inner Growth we focus on delivering high impact wellbeing services for the companies that care for their employees, want to experience a positive lasting change and are willing to invest in that.

Our services for your business:

For better stress management, improved concentration and focus, better sleep quality and improved relations.

After our 8-week Mindfulness Program, you will receive a statistic with an information about the average results gained by your employees – to know exactly what your Return On Investment (ROI) is.

To prevent muscle tension and pain, as well as negative consequences of stress that can  cause decrease in: productivity, problem solving and in creative thinking.

A regular quality massage can be a great back pain relief and a positive mood enhancer.
A good and easy way to offer your employees an extra care for their wellbeing.

If you want to focus on improving a concrete area in your business, e.g. teamwork, communication, customer service, stress management.

Contact us to talk about your specific needs to get a customised package, be it a single workshop to make your conference or company event more special, or a series of workshops gradually integrating the desired change into your daily business.

For those of your employees that want to understand themselves better, grow as a person or people leader, or overcome a challenging situation they currently experience.

In a private one on one space, we can explore the particular issue or an overall life situation the person finds themselves in, to get a big picture and a clearer vision of what the optimal solution could be.