for a more balanced and fulfilling life
for a more balanced and fulfilling life

Welcome to Inner Growth


     Inner Growth promotes a more balanced and fulfilling life with help of mindfulness - a scientifically proven personal development tool.


"The most profound changes start inside you"

Ela Kolodziej, founder of Inner Growth


     At Inner Growth we inspire companies to boost their results in a balanced manner – increasing productivity and reducing stress of their employees to improve the overall well-being of people and the business.


     Our strengths lie in:


     Contact us if you think like us - that people are the most important resources at your company. Do not wait until they get sick - act preventative against stress.


     We are happy to cooperate with companies that are serious about their mindfulness investment and motivated to get the long-term improvement.


About Inner Growth

     Inner Growth was founded in 2013, with the main purpose of improving people's quality of life thanks to a regular mindfulness practice for individuals as well as for companies.


     Ela Kolodziej, the founder, is a qualified Mindfulness Instructor and certified in Zen Coaching with business background from a global leader in wind energy. She is passionate about personal development and human potential.

     She believes that your reality depends heavily on you yourself and what you make out of it. It all starts with us, our perceptions and the choices we make - the increased awareness helps us to navigate into reaching our dreams and living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

     Mindfulness is a great tool that boosts your awareness, so if you want to start your inner journey of personal growth - sign up for our effective Mindfulness Programs.

Our mission - Why are we here?

     We want to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the corporate world,
for increased productivity and well-being of employees; therefore better results for the business in the long run.

Our values

  • Optimism - having a positive attitude, believing that everything is possible and focusing on opportunities and win-win solutions. At the same time acknowledging the problematic areas and dealing with them in an effective way
  • Curiosity - observing to learn (not to judge), being open-minded for new points of view and creative in finding the optimal solutions
  • Collaboration - being open for a win-win cooperation, supporting each other, adding value, sharing the knowledge and growing together



Values in relation to our CUSTOMERS:

  • Customer Satisfaction - being professional, customer-centric and delivering high quality services that fulfill the expectations
  • Contribution - creating a concrete value for the company and for the employees, and measuring it
  • Cooperation - listening to our customers, being flexible and improving for them 


Special Offers

Massage Offer for Couples

A beautiful gift of deep relaxation for you and your partner to cherish your relationship:

2 massages of 55min for 90€,  done one after another

2 massages of 1h 25min for 130€, done one after another

An Evening of Pure Pleasure

A deeply relaxing massage of 1h 25min for both of you, and a healthy smoothie or warm infusion with a sunset view at our Inner Growth Center, in natural park of Montes de Malaga: 150€

For Business

Do you want your employees to perform and feel better?

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