Co-facilitation & Our Services on Your Retreat

To make your retreat even more magical...

If you are planning your retreat and you would like to:

  • have a co-facilitator to together create a safe and encouraging space, as well as to support you in your role
  • have me coming as an extra teacher facilitating Mindfulness or daily meditation sessions, Rebirthing Breathwork, or Zen Coaching workshop
  • offer your participants a quality massage with a conscious touch

you can contact me to talk about your plan, needs, preferences; and to, together, find a suitable support to make your retreat even more incredible.

Co-facilitation can be done in English, Spanish or Polish.

Client Testimonial

“I organized an inspirational trip to Malaga and asked Ela to guide a rebirthing session with the group. Everyone is very positive about her professional guidance and the peace she brings. In addition, the session really stirred something up in the group. As a group we were able to take advantage of this for the rest of the week.

A number of participants also had a massage from Ela. Here too, people were all positive. All in all a very successful session and I will definitely ask her again on my next trip”

Patrick Berghout, The Netherlands

About the Faciltator

Ela Kolodziej, a qualified Mindfulness Instructor certified in Zen Coaching and Rebirthing, is passionate about human potential.

After years of international career in business, she got interested in the area of profound personal development and holistic health.

Since 2012, she has completed various personal development and meditation courses, as well as coaching and therapies trainings in Sweden, Spain and India; and ever since is dedicated to share her knowledge, skills and experience for the well-being of people. 

While working with individuals and groups, she has at her disposal a broad spectrum of tools she has learnt during the years of personal development courses and therapy trainings she has done and practiced in her own profound inner journey, as well as with her clients; among others:

  • Zen Coaching training (1 year), as well as Teacher’s Training (+1 year); in 2012-14, Sweden
  • Rebirthing and Breathwork training (1 year) and Assistance (+1 years); in 2021-23, Spain
  • Mindfulness Instructor training; in 2014, Sweden
  • Art of Living Meditation technique; in 2012, India
  • Vipassana 10 days silent Meditation Retreat, in 2014, Sweden
  • Various Massage courses, from 2021 onwards, Spain
  • Reiki – level 1 in 2023, Spain; and level 2 in 2024, Spain
  • Various trainings withing New Cranial System technique, learning to treat addictions, bodily pains and tensions, and emotional unrest, supporting individual in coming back to our natural state of well-being; in 2023, Spain

She founded Inner Growth in Malmö, Sweden in 2013 and from 2021, after moving to her dreamed destination – Málaga in Spain, she is offering her services in this region, and online, bringing the benefits of mindfulness, zen coaching, breathwork and holistic well-being to individuals and groups – for a more balanced and fulfilling life.