Mindfulness for individuals

For a more balanced and fulfilling life

It is scientifically proven that Mindfulness significantly decreases the level of stress and anxiety, improves concentration and focus, and betters the quality of sleep, allowing you to experience more joy and balance in life. 

All that thanks to the daily practice of mindfulness.

Why doing a Mindfulness Program with Inner Growth?

At Inner Growth we focus on high impact mindfulness services that makes a real difference in people’s life. The participants in our effective 8-week Mindfulness Program have experienced in average*:


improvement in
stress management


improvement in
concentration and focus


increase in


improvement in
sleep quality


improvement in overall mental comfort


improvement in empathy and understanding others


improvement in
overall life quality

* The figures are updated on regular bases after every group or individual that has completed our Mindfulness Program. 

Scientifically Proven Mental Benefits of Mindfulness

Scientifically Proven Physical Benefits of Mindfulness

Our clients testimonials

MillaParticipant in Mindfulness sessions
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"After 3 group sessions with Ela, my perspective in mindfulness has increased and actually (with a little surprise) been affecting me in my daily life!

Thank you, Ela! You inspire!"
JensParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"Even if I'm only half way through Ela's course in Mindfulness, I'm already feeling more relaxed and less stressed out.

Thank you for making my life better!"
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more content. I understand myself better.

I am more able to concentrate, focus and prioritize.

I have changed the way I live and think already and I know this is just the beginning!"
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"Quality of sleep improved a lot!

Awareness of stress symptoms improved from 0 to 95%.

I am able to differentiate between the thought and the reality."
Greta-StinaParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I’m more aware of here and now.

I fall asleep much more easy and I sleep without any special nightmares.

I walk slowly and I don’t rush when not needed.

My pain in lower abdomen is almost gone."
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I've become more ok with my life as it is now.

I am a lot better at handling stress and anxiety.

Better sleep!

I also appreciate that it felt like a truly safe and warm place.

Thank You Ela!"
DaniellaParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I have gained a greater joy in life after the course, I enjoy life more and am calmer.

I can also focus much better both at work and at home.

I sleep much better than before."
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I'm much happier now, can sleep better and when I'm in a conflict I understand better why"
ChristianParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more aware of habits and have gotten tools to develop myself.

And I actually feel better mentally."
EceParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more happy with life and myself"

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Our Mindfulness Services

Introduction to Mindfulness


Experience the deep relaxation!

If you are not sure if you want to go for the whole 8-week program, you can start with this 1-1.5 hour workshop to get a basic understanding of what mindfulness is and how it feels for you.

You will learn a simple relaxation technique, that will help you lowering the stress and staying more focused in your daily life.

You will also get the information about the 8-week Mindfulness Program and you will be able to ask questions about it and sort out any doubts you may have before signing up.

Mindfulness Program

8 Weeks

For long-term stress release and more joy in life!

How would your life be if you would experience 62% less stress, 52% increase in productivity and 55% better sleep quality?

We are meeting in a group of 10-16 people, once per week for a 2-2.5 hours during the 8-week period, the essential time to adopt new healthy habits that will strengthen you in the long run.

Go for this 8-week program to become an independent mindfulness practitioner and to experience the benefits of mindfulness in your daily life.