Business Workshops

Mindful high performing team, improved results!

A series of fun and interactive workshops for your employees or a management team, using a powerful combination of mindfulness and focus on a concrete business skill you want to improve in your company, e.g. teamwork, communication, customer service, ethical leadership, stress management, productivity.

Each of your employees has a certain set of skills, experience and things they are good at – why not learning from each other and growing together?

These workshops will help your team appreciate each other and share their capabilities in a constructive way, practicing listening skills, communication, cooperation and supporting each other.

Step after step, building an encouraging and safe working culture where people are stimulated to be their best selves and joyfully work together towards common goals.

You can start with a single workshop during company conference or teamwork event, or go directly for a custom-made package of 3, 6, 9 or 12 workshops to gain better long-term results, gradually integrating the desired change into your daily business.


Build a high performing team consisting of mindful individuals!

Examples of Workshop Topics

About the Faciltator

Ela Kolodziej, qualified Mindfulness Instructor certified in Zen Coaching, is passionate about human potential.

She has an educational background of Master of Science in Marketing and Management from one of the best Polish Universities (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology), as well as Bachelor in Engineering in Manufacturing and Management from the University of Southern Denmark.

After years of international career in business within Marketing and Sales in positions such as Project Manager, Team Leader, Customer Satisfaction Program Manager, and Business Intelligence Analyst; she got interested in the area of profound personal development and holistic health.

Since 2012, she has done various personal development and meditation courses and coaching trainings in Sweden, Spain and India; and ever since is dedicated to share her knowledge, skills and experience for the well-being of the individuals and of conscious businesses that want to take care of their People, Profit and Planet.

While working with groups and individual clients, she has at her disposal a broad spectrum of tools she has learnt and practiced on herself in her own profound inner journey, as well as with her clients, among others:

  • Mindfulness Instructor training; in 2014, Sweden
  • Art of Living Meditation technique; in 2012, India
  • Vipassana 10 days silent Meditation Retreat, in 2014, Sweden
  • Zen Coaching training (1 year), as well as Teacher’s Training (+1 year); in 2012-14, Sweden
  • Rebirthing and Breathwork training (1 year) and Assistance (+1 years); in 2021-23, Spain
  • Various Massage courses, from 2021 onwards, Spain
  • Reiki – level 1 in 2023, Spain; and level 2 in 2024, Spain
  • Various trainings withing New Cranial System technique, learning to treat addictions, bodily pains and tensions, and emotional unrest, supporting individual in coming back to our natural state of well-being; in 2023, Spain

She founded Inner Growth in Malmö, Sweden in 2013 and conducts Mindfulness Programs and other personal development workshops as well as individual treatments, bringing the benefits of mindfulness and human potential to companies and to people – for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

From 2021, after moving to Málaga, Spain she is offering her services in this region, and online.