Mindfulness Pilot Project

A business case for your company!

If you are not sure if mindfulness is something that would work for your organization, then start with a pilot project – we can help you building a very simple business case for mindfulness at your company.

What does it consist of?

It may require as little as one meeting with us to talk about your needs and agreeing about the practical details; and then, sending one email to your employees about the pilot project for mindfulness program and gathering the first group of volunteers. That’s it!

After the 8-week program with the group of 10-16 participants, we will do the results measurement, to see what the return on your mindfulness investment is. You will get the summary with concrete data – improvement in stress management, focus, sleep quality, communication and more. That will give you a clear picture if we shall continue with mindfulness and on what scale.

Inner Growth will be with you throughout the whole process, offering the support you may need on the way – we are your mindfulness partner.

Our clients testimonials

MillaParticipant in Mindfulness sessions
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"After 3 group sessions with Ela, my perspective in mindfulness has increased and actually (with a little surprise) been affecting me in my daily life!

Thank you, Ela! You inspire!"
JensParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"Even if I'm only half way through Ela's course in Mindfulness, I'm already feeling more relaxed and less stressed out.

Thank you for making my life better!"
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more content. I understand myself better.

I am more able to concentrate, focus and prioritize.

I have changed the way I live and think already and I know this is just the beginning!"
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"Quality of sleep improved a lot!

Awareness of stress symptoms improved from 0 to 95%.

I am able to differentiate between the thought and the reality."
Greta-StinaParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I’m more aware of here and now.

I fall asleep much more easy and I sleep without any special nightmares.

I walk slowly and I don’t rush when not needed.

My pain in lower abdomen is almost gone."
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I've become more ok with my life as it is now.

I am a lot better at handling stress and anxiety.

Better sleep!

I also appreciate that it felt like a truly safe and warm place.

Thank You Ela!"
DaniellaParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I have gained a greater joy in life after the course, I enjoy life more and am calmer.

I can also focus much better both at work and at home.

I sleep much better than before."
AnonymousParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I'm much happier now, can sleep better and when I'm in a conflict I understand better why"
ChristianParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more aware of habits and have gotten tools to develop myself.

And I actually feel better mentally."
EceParticipant in the 8-week Mindfulness Program
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"I am more happy with life and myself"

About the teacher

Ela Kolodziej, qualified Mindfulness Instructor certified in Zen Coaching and Rebirthing, is passionate about human potential.

After years of international career in business, she got interested in the area of profound personal development and holistic health.

Since 2012, she has done various meditation courses, massage and coaching trainings in Sweden, India and Spain, and is committed to daily practice. 

She founded Inner Growth in Malmö, Sweden in 2013 and conducts group workshops as well as individual treatments, bringing the benefits of holistic wellbeing and mindfulness to companies and to individuals – for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

From 2021, after moving to her dreamed destination – Málaga in Spain, she is offering her services in this region, and online.

While working with groups and individual clients, she has at her disposal a broad spectrum of tools she has learnt during the years of personal development courses and therapy trainings she has done and practiced on herself in her own profound inner journey, as well as with her clients, among others:

  • Mindfulness Instructor training; in 2014, Sweden
  • Art of Living Meditation technique; in 2012, India
  • Vipassana 10 days silent Meditation Retreat, in 2014, Sweden
  • Rebirthing and Breathwork training (1 year) and Assistance (+1 years); in 2021-23, Spain
  • Zen Coaching training (1 year), as well as Teacher’s Training (+1 year); in 2012-14, Sweden
  • Various Massage courses, from 2021 onwards, Spain
  • Reiki – level 1 in 2023, Spain; and level 2 in 2024, Spain
  • Various trainings withing New Cranial System technique, learning to treat addictions, bodily pains and tensions, and emotional unrest, supporting individual in coming back to our natural state of well-being; in 2023, Spain

Welcome to your enriching inner journey together!